We offer Transparent, flexible and cost effective Engagement Models, which are as under: -

Per hour basis: Under this model, We offers the services, quoting rates on hourly bases for all kinds of work outsourced. We charge from USD 7 to USD 50 per hour depending on the process type.

Manpower basis (FTE): This is the pricing model whereby we deploy the equivalent number of dedicated full time manpower as the client would have/had in its home country to suit its project needs. FTE is, in fact, provides the opportunity of having "Virtual Employee" in low cost offshore location with no employee liability. Under FTE model, dedicated Full Time Employee with Dedicated Infrastructure are assigned to the Client Project which not only helps in reducing the cost substantially but also ensures High Project Monitoring so as to ensure time and quality delivery. Under FTE Model, the client is charged a fixed price per employee per month on the basis of number of people deployed. Charges vary from USD 900 per month to USD 5000 per month depending on the set skill required, experience and expertise.

Virtual Captive Center: This is a model that AEREN has transformed with years of experience to its credit. This model offers ultimate control to the client over the resources deployed by the vendor. It offers all advantages of Captive Service Center and Third Party Vendor. The price is charged on the basis of number of seats/work station used by the client.

Transaction Fees: A Transaction based pricing model for outsourcing is one where payments to us, are based on the number of transactions executed. This model makes it easier to alien the incentives of the client & vendor. This model can be used with various variations.

Project Based/Flat fee: Under this model, we charge one lump sum fee for the case, at the beginning or end of the project outsourced.

Retainer ship fee: In this case, the client company pays a monthly or yearly fixed sum of money to us.