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Virtual Employee in India

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What is a Virtual Employee ?

Virtual Employee means your employee is not physically located within your office in home country but located in offshore locations and works for you remotely under your complete control and management with no employee liabilities.

"Virtual Employee in India"(VEII) is a leading Outsourcing Service provider in India that offers “Offshore Remote Back Office Solutions” through its unique delivery and sourcing model "Virtual Employee Services" unlike Conventional Offshore Outsourcing provider. Virtual Employee means an employee from India hired by us (hand picked by our experienced HR specialists) who works remotely with you from India instead of physically from your office in its home country, under your total control and management. Virtual Employee works for you and with you just like an employee who works from your office. Legally, a Virtual Employee is our employee but practically Virtual employee is part and parcel of your’s work force and extended department of yours in India.

The virtual employee concept eliminates the cost of putting up infrastructure and overheads, yet as a client gives you full access to the people you hire. It offers low cost that comes with offshore outsourcing and high effectiveness that comes through hiring your very own employee. It also helps you to have the Best People Talent in your organization.

"Virtual Employee in India"(VEII) manages the non work related responsibilities relating to Virtual employees and provides State of the Art IT Infrastructure, HR Services, all the support services that clients need in India. VEII helps in streamlining your workforce and IT Infrastructure in India thereby reducing expenses by more than 70%.

At the same time this helps clients improve efficiencies and productivity significantly by leveraging low cost resources available globally with the maximum level of confidentiality and security of information. So, as and when you need to expand your workforce or think of outsourcing Back office Functions, just think of Virtual Employee and we will hire for you just at the click of a button. Forget about setting up any outsourcing facilities or hiring expensive employees in your own country, contact us to get your project on the road at one tenth of the cost and with improved efficiency.

"Virtual Employee in India"(VEII), helps clients across the globe in providing skilled remote virtual staff for any business of any size that are recruited and hand picked by our experienced HR specialists graduated from world top HR Management School.

You can have regular meetings and be fully connected with your Virtual Employee via video conferencing, local Home Country’s Mobile, Skype and e-mails to ensure a better level of understanding and a higher quality of success that makes easy to hire virtual staff.

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