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International Student Management Services

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Recruiting international students entails great risks such as, fake qualification certificates, manipulative working experience, false finance credentials, misrepresentation and concealment, manipulative address, forged documents, fraud, etc. Such risks further increase if the international student is from a high risk country with apprehensive background.

It becomes highly important that international students be properly screened right from the early stage to manage risks more effectively and efficiently. It will help the educational institutions in achieving the strategic and operational goal set for the International Student's Programs.

We, at AEREN, are India’s only International Student Management Service Provider and offer total integrated solution designed to help universities, colleges and schools to secure their stake (loan, fee and relationship) in international students and hence ensuring mutually enriching and value based relationship with international student. Aeren will undertake a Complete Due-Diligence services right from Academic to Financial to legal, from the early stage of recruitment until the whole life cycle of relationship with the international student.

Our proprietary Web based International Student Management Solution System AEREN ISMS is revolutionary as it will help both the loan grantor and the student to track Loan portfolio, submit application on line, organize history and documents and generate various reports and help in International Student Relationship Management. This system is a multi striate as its different features would benefit all the parties involved in the process.


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